Cloud hosting management

Get the most out of cloud hosting for your organisation with a proactive managed set-up, ensuring optimised, scalable performance.
Cloud Hosting Management

Rapid & scalable

Cloud hosting enables an organisation to set up a hosting environment quickly without the need to manage your own hardware – often with AWS or Azure. Another benefit of cloud hosting is that it provides scalability to allow the hosting environment to grow or shrink in line with the needs of an application.

Physical hardware

Whilst the upsides may seem plentiful, it’s important to remember that cloud hosting is still ultimately physical hardware behind the scenes. As such, it requires management and the same careful consideration as any other hosting environment. 

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Fully managed

Often applications are developed with little thought to where they are going to be hosted. The result is that they are deployed to cloud hosting environments. Whilst providers will happily host the application, the cloud hosting environment may not be set up in the best way possible – potentially leaving you with a security vulnerability and GDPR issues that cost more than they should.

We can review what you have in place at AWS or Azure and make recommendations based on security, optimisation and economy. We can help implement any changes needed to improve your cloud hosting environment and then take on the ongoing management to ensure your application infrastructure is fully supported.

Application Migration

You may be in a situation where your application isn’t in a cloud hosting environment but you’d like it to be. We can work with you to understand your application and help set up a cloud hosting environment before migrating your application to it. 

Conversely, you may be looking to move your application out of a cloud hosting environment. Again, we can work with you to better understand your needs and identify the best solution before helping to undertaking the migration.

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Technical ability, creativity and quiet confidence all work together to provide a first-class, premium solution.

Andrew Finley, director, Oxford Innovation
Find out more about our cloud management services

Find out more about our cloud management services

Cloud hosting can transform your performance and power brilliant experiences for your users.