Application health check

Ensure your existing applications and infrastructure are secure, up-to-date and free from performance or capacity issues that may affect your users.
Application Health Check

Application check-up

If you have an existing or legacy application developed internally or by a third party you may want to have it checked by OWA. Perhaps users are experiencing errors and slow performance? Maybe there are concerns about the underlying application code or there's been a recent increase in usage?

OWA's team of technical experts can review your application and its infrastructure to determine if it is secure and performing well or if any changes or optimisations need to be made to improve it. 

Bespoke review

Our health checks are customised to each application and the requirements of its users, and normally cover the application and its code, the server infrastructure running the application, and other associated components such as a database, object store, search and caching service. 

Specific areas we focus on include security, resilience and disaster recovery alongside performance and optimisation. Our team also undertake logging and monitoring of various parts of the application to uncover any existing issues or raise any areas of future concern.

Our application health checks are customised to each application
An application health checks project being reviewed by the OWA team
OWA team scoping an application health check

Capacity & configuration

Depending on your application and requirements, we also review CPU capacity, memory, storage and server diskspace. This will establish if the hosting infrastructure has enough capacity for normal usage and whether the application is regularly hitting memory limits. 

Alongside this, we can look at the configuration to ensure the application database is suitable for current and predicted workloads, and queries and indexes are optimised. 

Actionable results

Once OWA completes an application health check, we will provide details on any issues discovered either as a report or a meeting where we can explain our findings, discuss how any issues can be resolved and provide further technical details to assist with this.

We also offer health checks on an ongoing basis. These help to ensure any issues arising from changes to your application or increases in traffic are detected and resolved in a timely manner.

An application health check is a requirement for all our applications
OWA completes application health check regularly
OWA team assuring all application health checks are in place

I would recommend OWA for their friendly, dedicated service.

Amy Summers, communication and economic development manager, Hart District Council
Find out more about our health check services

Find out more about our health check services

A comprehensive health check can transform the performance and security of your application.