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Our approach to delivery is shaped around understanding a project’s significance to you as an organisation and, most importantly, to your users as people.

Working together

We are relentlessly practical in our approach to your project. We ask a lot of questions: what are you looking to achieve? Who is it for? Why are you doing it? What is the budget range and timeframe? We are always happy to lead but really value the importance of collaboration: your input at key stages will always benefit the output.

As a software development company with over 25 years’ success delivering projects, our overwhelming experience is that flexibility, willing and pragmatism on both sides lead to the best results.

On budget & on time

Our client services and project delivery are based on clarity, transparency and good communication. We take the time to meet with you – remotely if that's more appropriate – and understand your organisation and the drivers for your project.

We always provide a fixed quotation upfront once work has been agreed and we can commit to a timeframe if we know what’s required in advance. If we don’t have a complete picture of what’s involved – hello agile project management! – we include scoping, design and iterative development time as indicative costs. 

OWA team meeting planning project delivery items
OWA team meeting to better understand scope of client project
OWA client happy with clear communication in project meeting

Agile, yes. Nimble, certainly

Strong project management (PM) is important to keep a project on the rails, track changes and manage costs. You won’t always know what a project will become until we have worked with you to define and iterate it. Agile PM techniques allow us to build flexibility in from the start, while aspects of waterfall PM methodology provide the clarity and linearity that agile can lack.

A blended approach can give you the advantages of both. We are adept and very experienced in all these methodologies but, above all, neutral. We tailor our approach to your situation, recognising that no one size fits all. We are the same with technology – we only make a recommendation once it is evaluated in the context of your set-up and architecture.

Reassuringly human

Budget, timeline and ways of working are vital factors to consider when placing a project. However, the real clincher often comes down to instinct and, of course, trust. If there is confidence in a professional relationship, everyone will be empowered to do their best work. That’s why we are firm believers in the importance of good, flowing communication.

You can speak to the project team directly and meet with us in person or virtually – whatever works best for you. We may be in an era of cutting-edge tech but clear communication still underpins everything worth doing well in our book. 

OWA project management keeps budget and delivery on track
A table with tea and biscuits at an OWA project meeting
OWA team members smiling during a project meeting

Working with OWA gives us the confidence that the final product will be fit for purpose, and delivered on time and on budget.

Emma-Jayne Turner, senior programme manager, Young Enterprise
OWA team member in conversation

Talk to us about your project

If you have any questions or would like to chat though a project or idea, we’d love to hear from you.