Wind turbines against the sky showing renewable energy generation for greater sustainability


As a company, and as individuals, we take our responsibility to lessen our environmental impacts seriously. OWA’s approach to sustainability is to avoid and reduce wherever practically possible. While this will always be a work in progress – and certainly remain one during our lifetimes – we would like to share some of the initiatives that we have introduced so far.

Towards greater sustainability

  • We have implemented flexible working practices as official company policy since 2016, encouraging all of our team to work from home whenever possible
  • Since 2020, we have moved to a full remote working model, removing daily workspace energy use and daily office travel altogether 
  • OWA has operated on a completely paper-free project and administrative basis since 2015 – none of our workflows involve the generation of hard copies or use of printers
  • We aim to avoid any unnecessary work-related meetings through facilitating and encouraging remote internal working practices and customer meetings, whenever practicable
  • We still love to meet our clients in person, of course – when this happens, we use trains and public transport as a primary means of travel and local journeys are made on bike or on foot, wherever possible
  • We have selected a workplace provider in Oxford that uses electricity from 100% renewable sources, operates solar panels on almost all of its facilities and uses low energy LED lighting throughout. In London we have chosen a B Corp-certified organisation, meaning all social and environmental impacts are measured transparently across its buildings and the highest standards are met
  • OWA's primary data centre is in a facility where carbon emissions are being reduced by 50% by 2030, and which is committed to achieving net zero by 2050 under the Science Based Targets initiative. It is powered by 100% renewable electricity and offsets 100% of direct greenhouse gas emissions through assured, good quality projects
  • OWA’s secondary data centre is located in a facility which operates a ‘zero carbon’ agreement with its power supplier, meaning all electricity is provided from a mix of renewable and nuclear sources
An array of solar panels in a field showing renewable energy generation for greater sustainability
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Embedding ethical practices

  • OWA is an ethically run, socially responsible company that pays all of its taxes in the UK and is not involved in any tax avoidance or tax reduction schemes 
  • We operate with social accountability and are committed to the wellbeing of our local environment and communities
  • Each year, our team selects a charity to which we make an annual company donation in lieu of client Christmas cards or gifts. Since 2020 this has been the Trussell Trust, which is working to create a UK without the need for food banks  
  • As a company we always try to make a decision for the planet as well as the business. This involves using suppliers that reflect our values, whenever possible, and responsible use of materials and consumption in all of our operations
  • We treat our team with respect and promote staff retention through a positive company culture and affirmative work environment. This includes flexibility to support our team with family or personal commitments as needed
  • We are an accredited living wage employer and pay all of our team a living wage
  • Gender equality and diversity are fully embedded within our workplace policies
  • With an eye on mentoring and, of course, future development, we are also proud to sponsor the Postgraduate Award for Best Dissertation in Computing at Oxford Brookes University
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From the outset, OWA has been managed with an awareness of the world in which it is situated, and the ethical and social responsibilities that come with operating a business. We have sought to follow best practice since 1995 and we will always strive to do so wherever and whenever possible.

Mark Hall, founder, OWA Digital