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Our insights into the latest in web apps, cyber security, experiences implementing the latest technologies, and a few other things that we hope you will find interesting.

Oxford Web Applications is now OWA

Tim Collingwood - 18 February 2020
It has been a surprisingly easy change to make as OWA is a name many of you know us by already. It is also nice and short and we are all about simplifying life wherever possible.

To keep everything simple and straightforward, we have…

How to maximise system uptime

Mark Hall - 09 October 2019
Customers expect online systems to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and any downtime is increasingly seen as a failure of the organisation to invest in the necessary equipment and skilled personnel required to achieve this. Even scheduled…

What is a web application?

Tim Collingwood - 18 July 2019
A question that we are often asked is ‘What is a web application?’.

In simple terms, a web application is software that is provided via web technologies which enables users to manage and interact with their data.


Checklist for supporting legacy systems and applications

Mark Hall - 03 July 2019
The chances are, if your organisation has been in existence for a few years, you will have some legacy systems or applications running somewhere on your network. Although best practice says that you should look to upgrade, migrate or replace older…

How we implemented Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) to our systems

Mark Hall - 23 May 2019
For any organisation, the protection of their data and online assets is increasingly important and implementing effective deterrents is essential. Too often organisations only increase their security measures after they have been the victim of a…

Which should you choose, off-the-shelf or a bespoke application?

Tim Collingwood - 30 April 2019
Organisations are now faced with a multitude of choices when it comes to implementing new applications, whether part of a digital transformation process, or simply replacing existing legacy systems. One of the biggest choices that organisations have…