Oxfordshire countryside sheep in field

Postcards from the home workspace: north Oxford

Richard Viner - 30 April 2020

Third in an occasional series of posts looking at some of the small upsides we are seeing during this upsetting and extraordinary time.

As we get used to the change of life and our usual routines – such as travelling to work or visiting friends and family – having outdoor space and a place where you can stroll into the countryside really helps. It breaks down the day, especially if you’re both full-time workers caring for your children.

Based in north Oxford, it feels strange being on the edge of a deserted city, yet having the countryside on your doorstep.

Whilst you might be thinking you miss driving and want to take the car out for a spin, going on a daily walk from your home really helps to take away some thoughts of what might otherwise be a pressurising routine.

For those of you who have children, it’s also a very good way of helping them balance their home environment with exploring the outdoors.

Online community

Being on lockdown has taught us the importance of sticking together and being in contact with family and friends via social media or video calls.

We are also finding friends, who we don’t speak to or see so regularly, suddenly want a group chat or catch-up, which is helping to make us a stronger community.

As most people are finding, it’s proving tricky to get online food delivery and click and collect slots. Being in close contact with friends who keep us alerted has meant we can stay away from the supermarkets and get what we need at the right time without risking greater exposure to the virus.

We often wonder when schools will return, when you can visit your close family again or even have a nice meal out but in reality social distancing will be with us for quite some time to come.

As long as we stick together and make good use of outdoor space we, as a community, will get through this stronger than before.