Laptop and cup of tea in OWA meeting room

OWA COVID-19 business continuity update

Jake Woodward - 16 March 2020

Given the changeable picture around the coronavirus outbreak, we would like to take this opportunity to share our business continuity plan with all of our clients.

Business as usual

Many of you will know that OWA has operated a flexible and remote working approach for some time. 

As a company, we have very well established processes that mean we can offer business-as-usual services to all of our customers in circumstances that are out of the ordinary.

With the outbreak of coronavirus in the UK, OWA is following advice from a number of health organisations as we all do our bit to limit the spread of COVID-19.

As such, starting from Friday 13 March 2020 the OWA team has switched to remote working as the default arrangement during the upcoming period. 

For the benefit of our clients and team, work-related travel will be kept to a minimum and remote meeting technology will be used wherever possible.

All systems and hosting arrangements will continue to be supported and managed by the OWA team in the usual way.

If you have questions about any aspect of our working arrangement plans or anything else, as always please don’t hesitate to get in touch.