Young Money, part of Young Enterprise

Redeveloping WordPress resource hub for young people

Young Money, part of Young Enterprise

The brief

Young Enterprise is a national charity that empowers young people, preparing them for life beyond education. Young Money is part of Young Enterprise and provides resources and training to anyone teaching young people money management skills. Its annual My Money Week programme seeks to help children from the ages of four to 19 gain confidence and knowledge in money matters. A core part of the initiative is the website, which offers teachers, parents and other educators numerous resources to support the development of young people’s financial capability. 

In 2019, Young Money appointed OWA to redevelop and redesign the My Money Week resource hub website and integrate its management with an existing CMS. We were tasked with modifying website features and design for users and improving control of the site for its admins.

What we did

An intuitive user experience for the target audience and practicability for admins were key considerations going forward. With an array of possible solutions and a limited timeframe and budget, we worked closely with Young Money to define user, admin and organisational needs through a series of iterative wireframes. These allowed us to quickly pinpoint a layout, structure and technical outline for the front and back end.

With an agreed route forward, we updated the website layout with a dashboard and clearer design, enabling users to access and browse learning resources from current and past years more easily. The logged-in area was enhanced to allow user account management and postcode look-up. Behind the scenes, we integrated the CMS seamlessly with Young Money’s existing WordPress infrastructure, enabling admins to efficiently manage resources, create interactive surveys and generate detailed reports. Finally, we streamlined data usage processes to ensure GDPR-compliance and provided secure hosting for all the charity’s online assets.

Young Money pre-state
Young Money live-state
Young Money post-state
quotation mark
”OWA took the time to understand our organisation and target audience in order to provide us with a creative and innovative solution that met our needs. Working with OWA gives us the confidence that the final product will be fit for purpose, and delivered on time and on budget.”
Emma-Jayne Turner, Senior Programme Manager, Young Enterprise

About Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise is a charity first established in 1962. Young Money, formerly pfeg, merged with Young Enterprise in 2014 to create one organisation working directly with children, teachers, parents and businesses to build a successful and sustainable future for all young people.

The organisation provides hands-on employability, enterprise and financial education programmes, resources and teacher training. These aim to reduce youth unemployment and empower young people to realise their potential beyond education. My Money Week is part of an annual initiative to promote confidence and knowledge in money matters.

Young Enterprise is currently working with more than a third of all schools in England and Wales.

Our history with Young Enterprise

OWA was appointed to redevelop and redesign the My Money Week resource hub and CMS in 2019. We also provide monthly support and protection for the platform, which is hosted at our independent, UK-based data centre. 

OWA has hosted various Young Enterprise and Young Money systems for more than 10 years and carried out development work for the charity since 2018.