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Our insights into the latest in web apps, cyber security, experiences implementing the latest technologies, and a few other things that we hope you will find interesting.

What is the Cloud and how does it work?

Mark Hall - 10 April 2019
I was asked recently by someone, who doesn’t work in the technology industry, what exactly is the Cloud? Cloud based applications and Cloud hosting are terms which most people are familiar with and probably use regularly, even if they don’t realise…

Recommended security features for your web application

Tom Lofts - 14 March 2019
If you’re in the process of building a web application or, thinking about having one built for you, you’re probably aware you need to take security seriously. There is a basic minimum level of security any application should have in place. For…

How secure are commercial VPN solutions?

Mark Hall - 14 February 2019
It’s not that long ago when Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) were really only used by businesses and organisations to provide secure remote access to their networks for their users and remote offices. With the increased use of streaming services such…

Are you regularly testing your web applications?

Tom Lofts - 16 January 2019
So, you have a web application - when it was first developed, you might have played around with the apps functionality to check it worked (generally known as user acceptance testing) , but you haven’t thought too much about it since then.

Top 5 Cyber Security Tips for 2019

Tim Collingwood - 07 January 2019
If 2018 has taught us anything, it’s that keeping your data secure is more important than ever. In the last year we have seen the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, the Marriott hotel group data breach, the Morrisons employee data breach, and an…

How much does it cost to develop an App

Mark Hall - 24 December 2018
At OWA Digital we frequently get asked how much does it costs to develop an App. In this blog post I will outline the various elements which can affect the overall cost of developing an App and provide some indicative costs based on our experience.…