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Web application and mobile app keeping contractors safe on site


The Brief

Ohutu approached OWA to develop the Safety Assistant in early 2018. The idea was first conceived when Ohutu founder, Jason Strong, was unable to find an online solution to manage health and safety across his company’s multiple construction projects. Complying with regulations and creating a safe working environment is a legal requirement for all builders in the UK – but, historically, it’s always been a challenge keeping track of the paperwork. The solution quickly became clear – develop an online desktop application with the power to manage health and safety documentation across multiple projects, and a mobile app for site inspectors to use on the ground to keep individual projects updated.

What we did

Ohutu provided the OWA team with the concept, the brand and details of the project requirements. Working from the initial design concepts, we were able to code a unique and highly memorable suite of applications based on an on-screen navigation and user interface developed jointly with the Ohutu team. Business owners or project managers enter information about upcoming construction projects into the Ohutu online application, which generates a professional, customised construction phase plan for each project. The fully integrated Apple and Android mobile apps then work seamlessly with the online application, enabling site supervisors to manage health and safety duties on each individual project in real time while on site.

Ohutu homepage
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Ideas and suggestions we discussed were seamlessly integrated without any unintended consequences. I can’t fault them for speed and quality.
Jake Willott, CEO, Ohutu

About Ohutu

Ohutu, meaning ‘safe’ in Estonian, was founded in 2018 by Jason Strong, a successful construction business owner. The idea came about in response to a familiar problem facing many site managers involved in building work: how best to manage health and safety compliance paperwork across multiple construction sites in one place? The Ohutu Safety Assistant was born: an online application for managing health and safety across numerous projects and an accompanying mobile app for site supervisors to use on the ground – on or offline.

Our History with Ohutu

OWA was appointed by Ohutu in 2018 to create the Ohutu Safety Assistant web application and mobile app. This unique solution disrupts a legacy paper-based system and will make a huge contribution to safety on construction sites across the UK – it is well placed to become the industry standard.

We also host the Ohutu application and website, providing support and managing and monitoring security.