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About Unionreps

Unionreps is the TUC’s online community for unions reps, connecting a network of over 20,000 Unionreps members. Unionreps provides a platform for the members to help and support each other, strengthening their role in the workplace.

The brief

The TUC required a mobile app to accompany their Unionreps web application. The mobile app needed to complement the functionality available on the Unionreps web application including the ability to interact with the existing bulletin boards and private messaging.

The app was required for both Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

What we did

We worked with the TUC to develop a mobile app for Unionreps. Following initial discussions with the TUC it was agreed that an app focused on the bulletin board functionality of the Unionreps website would be the perfect basis for the Unionreps app.

Using the PhoneGap framework we developed a web-based mobile app which provides the look and feel of a native app but exists as a single codebase making integration with the existing website more straight forward and reducing the cost of future support and development. Through the use of the PhoneGap framework the app is able to integrate with the functionality available on the device such as the camera and notifications.

The app which is available for both smartphone and tablets on the Apple App and Google Play stores allows users to keep up to date with the latest topics/posts on the Unionreps site as well as the ability to create their own topics and posts via the app.