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DySIS Medical

About DySIS Medical

DySIS Medical specialise in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of imaging systems that focus on the detection of cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions.

The brief

DySIS Medical contacted Oxford Web Applications with the plan to create an online skills development platform. The platform needed to be accessible online and would allow clinicians of different levels to develop or practice their skills in performing colposcopy examinations.

A key function of the platform would be the implementation of an interactive image player that would replicate a live colposcopy video examination.

What we did

OWA Digital worked with DySIS Medical to initially scope and then deliver the Colposcopy Skills web application. Based on the requirements of the web application we recommended the Symfony framework which was used to deliver both the back-end and front-end functionality. As a training tool, it was essential that the Colposcopy Skills web application’s user interface was easy to use and intuitive.

The web application includes functionality to allow registered clinicians to access an extensive library of colposcopy cases, carry out a demo colposcopic examination, interpret colposcopic images, and improve biopsy and management decisions.